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About us

It all began when Electrical & Industrial System Support Company known as Eliss was established in 1998 with diversified interests in industrial engineering and marketing.

The company acts as an extended marketing arm to its suppliers in Viet Nam, providing information on the latest market development and coordinating with them on technical support for customers in: Cement, Power, Pulp & Paper; Water, Oil & Gas and Steel Industries

Eliss destines itself to be a reliable business partner for both its suppliers and customers, as it believes the success comes with the success of its business partners.


The Leading Industrial Marketing and Engineering Company with World-Class Competitive Strengths, Operational Excellence and Strong Corperate Values.


To supply advanced technologies and related technical services to industrial customers in Vietnam and overseas.

Corperate Values

Skilled people with high character willing to learn and dedicated to achieving excellence and optimum customer satisfaction.


Maintaining sustainable development in providing equipments and services to specific industrial fields.  

Building long-term and close partnership with the strategic suppliers.

Continuing on innovation by team-up with world leaders in their respective field in order to bring to our Vietnamese clients the most advanced technology.

Holding strong commitment to the customer satisfaction and success.

Retaining high professionalism and technical expertise in each unit for an optimum satisfaction of  the Clients.


Eliss has acquired various product lines from world-leading manufacturers in the fields: ABB; Flakt Woods; Bernards; Iteca; Pillard; E-Carbon; Stork; RTI, Magnesitta.


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