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E-Carbon is a company with worldwide operations, and is a combination of three of the most renowned names in the business of manufacture and supply of Carbon Brushes & related components for Electrical and Mechanical carbon applications.


E-Carbon partners are Gerken Europe, SGL Carbon GmbH (WerkRingsdorff), and Helwig Carbon Products Inc USA.

Helwig Carbon works with over 100 high quality materials to manufacture a full line of fabricated or pressed-to-size carbon brushes designed to maximize brush life and performance for any given application. 
Fractional Horse Power (FHP) 
Slip Ring 
Power Tool 
Fork Lift 

Brush Holder &Earthing Assembly

ECarbon offers a full line of carbon brushes, industrial size brush holders, mechanical carbons, sliding contacts and specialty products. Along with the brush holders come a full line of constant force replacement springs and quick disconnect terminals and mounts. 

We have an on-site motor test lab and complete research and development laboratory. Our extensive application experience and highly qualified R&D staff will assist with identifying, recommending and developing the right brush for your application.
If you need information pertaining to a certain market like power generation, elevators or lift trucks see our vertical market section.



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