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Novaflam rotary kiln burner


The new NOVAFLAM® rotary kiln burner (protected by numerous patents) is Fives Pillard’s latest technology for rotary kiln firing.
The NOVAFLAM® is tailor-made to each application, is easy to operate, delivers perfectly repeatable flame shaping adjustment and high flexibility when firing various types of fuels including alternative ones.
For the new rotary kiln fi ring requirements such as using low-grade fuels, the NOVAFLAM® is the well adapted solution allowing a quick flame optimization thanks to the very simple flame adjustment principle.
The concept of the NOVAFLAM® burner is a single air supply (SAS) with two outlets, allowing for a variable swirl component which can be easily adjusted without modifying the primary air amount.
• The burner specific impulse can be adjusted.
• The flame width is adjusted via the swirl adjusting device.



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