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SPM Instrument - Condition monitoring expertise for every industry

SPM instrument committed to maintaining your critical machinery – anywhere, anytime. Making maintenance a profitable part of your company is what drives us. SPM offers a wide product range from high-tech portable instruments to online systems and a comprehensive software. Our intelligent solutions are cost-effective, constructive and complete.
SPM Electronic Stethoscope

Listening to machine sounds in order to determine the probable source of abnormal noise is one of the most widely used methods in maintenance departments across all branches of industry.

Excellent sound, filtering and recording

SPM Electronic Stethoscope ELS14 is a practical and easy-to-use listening device that helps pinpoint the source of mechanical noise in a broad range of applications. Bearing condition, gear and pump noise and electric relay operation are just a few of the many sounds which can be identified, amplified and assessed.

  • Frequency range: 30 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Filters: High, middle and low
  • Casing: PC/ABS, IP55
  • Weight: 295 g incl. batteries and 60 mm probe
  • Complete kit (ELS14KIT) consists of: Stethoscope incl. batteries and SD-card, probe 60 and 290 mm, headphones with ear defenders, carrying case

The internal thread is the same as in the predecessor ELS12, allowing continued use of existing probes.

VibChecker VC 100

VibChecker is a light and compact-sized instrument for vibration measurement in the 10-1000 Hz frequency range. Measurement results are immediately and automatically evaluated against ISO standards. Green - yellow - red LEDs indicate vibration severity and a real time FFT spectrum is produced for easy pattern recognition. Results can be stored for documentation and follow-up.

With its built-in probe, easy button operation and clear symbols, VibChecker is an all set to go instrument;  just point the probe and measure to locate vibration-related problems.

VibChecker is available in an EX approved version, for work in hazardous environments.

Bearing Checker BC100

BearingChecker is a portable instrument for fast and easy measurement of bearing condition in preventive maintenance. The instrument is push button controlled and basic measurement data are entered manually.

BearingChecker measures shock pulses with a built-in probe and machine surface temperature with an infrared sensor. The instrument can also be used as an electronic stethoscope for detecting machine sound irregularities. 

BearingChecker is available in an EX approved version, for work in hazardous environments.

Condmaster Ruby

Condmaster® is a comprehensive analysis, diagnostics and troubleshooting software communicating with all SPM portable instruments and online systems for continuous condition monitoring.

More flexible than ever, Condmaster Ruby 2016 offers significant and user-driven improvements:

  • Adds new dimension to vibration monitoring with HD ENV®
  • Improved user experience with new generation graphics
  • Optimal flexibility and greater efficiency

Condmaster contains the expert knowledge needed to evaluate machine condition: a complete bearing catalog, lubricant data, bearing life calculation, SPM evaluation rules, ISO limit values, mathematical models for spectrum analysis and fault symptom detection, and much more.

The software is module built and can be tailored, in performance and price, to your selected hardware and technical requirements.

Condmaster Ruby is available for single user or network licensing. It runs under Windows 8, 7 (32/64-bit) and Vista. The software communicates and stores data on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or later and is delivered with MSSQL 2014 Express Edition on the installation media.


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