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Nose Ring Seal JNR


The Iteca outlet seal can be installed on any rotary kiln equipped with a grate cooler enegry savings and production increase thanks to the plates system which prevent false air entries


Adjustable to any type and size of kilns
Long lasting efficient leak tightness without any specific maintenance
Prevents false air entries in the kiln
Ensures pressure stability in the kiln
Prevents release of hot gases and dust particles from the kiln
The suppression of dust outside the kiln ensures a longer life time of the mechanical components (bearings, roller, etc.) located nearby
Allows an increase of the throughput through the kiln
Its installation requires only 10 days under our supervision
The replacement of a plate does not require a kiln shutdown

Principle :

A specially designed circular bearing race (or sliding track) is mounted on the kiln and adjusted to compensate for any pre-existing eccentricity
The plates are mounted on a specific support (designed case by case) which is bolted on the kiln burning hood
The plates are held in contact with the circular bearing race with the help of 2 metal cables and adjustable counterweights
Cooling of plates is done with blown air whenever required
The plates are overlapping each others to enhance the overall leak tightness

Performances :

Average life time of plates : 4 to 5 years
Fast payback, typically from 6 to 18 months depending on the condition of the seal to be replaced


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