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Separator for mills

Good mills deliver good results. But a separator enables you to achieve even better results. Go for greater efficiency – with a separator from Christian Pfeiffer.

A separator actively helps to save energy, because it separates the fine material from the coarse material, which results in a much faster delivery of the desired product. The combination of grinding and separating leads to far greater efficiency of the grinding process.

Thanks to more than 90 years of experience, we at Christian Pfeiffer know exactly which separator will provide you the best results in any plant.


By taking the interplay of many small details into account, we are able to decide which separator will increase the efficiency of your production the most. Our highly qualified employees analyze your processes, and then use the results to develop the most suitable solution for your particular plant: from planning, to layout and installation up to putting your new separator into operation.

We can turn your open circuit plant into a significantly more efficient closed grinding circuit, or we can install a new separator that is optimal for your existing plant.



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