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Sliding bearings

Details for sliding bearings

»Sliding bearing« identifies a bearing in which a movable component,generally a shaft, a shaft extension or a guide rail, slides on top of the surface – the »slide« – of a stationary bushing, a bearing seat or a sliding strip. Sliding bearings are to support or to guide the parts movable opposed to each other as well as to absorb and transfer the  occurring forces. The sliding movement takes place between the bearing box and the supported component.

Due to their material and the damping effect of the hydrofoil, some sliding bearings are relatively insensitive to impacts, vibrations and shocks. Sliding bearings run silently, are robust, and are to a great extent corrosion resistant and further, rarely need additional sealing. 

Bushings are also available in split versions, which serve their requisite purpose in certain constructions.

Wrapped composite dry sliding bearing steel / PTFE, lead-free

Preferred use

For low rotational frequency, for pivoting and axial movement, for shock loading and dirt strain.
For all-purpose applications, for agricultural engines, construction machinery and vehicle construction.
For applications calling for simple design and low price level.
For high- or low-temperature environments and for special corrosion resistance.
For long-time applications requiring long durability, e.g. water and steam turbines, generators, rotary pumps, heavy journal bearings and the like, also for applications requiring wear-resistant running as is the case in the liquid friction sector.


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